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AFD China Rated as a Four-star Intellectual Property Service Agency

On March 31, 2023, the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association announced the results of its first ranking of intellectual property service agencies. AFD China was fortunate enough to participate in this first ranking and was rated as a four-star intellectual property service agency (the highest level that can be achieved in the first year of participation).

The ranking of intellectual property service agencies is organized by the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association with the aim of improving the quality and level of intellectual property services through rating evaluations of intellectual property service agencies in Beijing. The evaluation comprehensively considers various aspects of each agency, such as the size, personnel development and training, clients, publicity, party building, industry activity participation, social responsibility, awards received, business operation status, etc., and sets objective scoring criteria. Then, the agencies are awarded with corresponding level marks based on their final scores.

The ranking of intellectual property service agencies is divided into five levels, ranging from one star to five stars. Agencies which participate for the first time can only be awarded with four stars and below, and cannot apply for five stars until one year after being awarded with four stars. AFD China’s achievement of this four-star rating could not have been possible without the strong support from our clients over the years or the full cooperation of our all colleagues during the difficult times of the pandemic. Here we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our clients. We will continue to learn and improve our professional skills, and provide you with more comprehensive, meticulous, and in-depth intellectual property agency services with a professional attitude. We would also like to thank all our colleagues who have grown together with the firm. Each achievement made by AFD China represents their hard work and persistence. By providing a fair competition platform, we will continue to help our colleagues learn and improve their professional capabilities during work, and help them achieve sustainable development in the field of intellectual property.

We believe that every growth is a gift from time and every honor is a sparkle accumulated from the mundane daily work. We believe in always looking ahead to the future. We will continue to adhere to our service philosophy of "reaching goals based on good faith and integrity" and the principles of being down-to-earth and honest in both life and work. We give top priority to service quality and regard the firm's reputation as the cornerstone of our development, while considering client satisfaction as our ultimate goal. We hope that you will continue to accompany us on this journey for the next ten years and beyond.

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