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Annual Report on Intellectual Property Rights of Integrated Circuit Industry of China (2020 Edition) Released

The Intellectual Property Work Department of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and the Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property Trading Center jointly compiled the "China Integrated Circuit Industry Intellectual Property Annual Report (2020 Edition)" to fund member organizations and industries to obtain China's 2020 integration in a faster and more efficient way. The number of patent disclosures, technology distribution, main patentees, and exclusive rights of layout designs in the circuit industry.

This report mainly focuses on China's integrated circuit patents and layout designs as the main research objects. It counts the increase in patents in 2020 (the increase in 2019 is also shown for reference), the total number of layout designs and the increase in 2020. In terms of distribution, integrated circuits are divided into three major categories (design, manufacturing, packaging and testing) according to technology categories for analysis. Each category is divided into several categories for statistical analysis.

In recent years, the annual number of Chinese patents published in this field has exceeded the annual number of US patents published. In 2020, the annual number of patents published in China will remain above 40,000, a year-on-year increase of 13.7%.

In terms of the overall Chinese patents in the field of integrated circuits in 2020, 83% of Chinese patents in the field of integrated circuits are filed by Chinese right holders, and 17% are filed by foreign right holders, which is the same as in 2019. From the perspective of the types of patents, 77.7% of Chinese patents in integrated circuits are invention patents, and 20.8% of Chinese patents in the field of integrated circuits are utility model patents. Compared with the Chinese patents in integrated circuits in 2019, the proportion of Chinese invention patents in the total number of patents in the year will slightly decrease in 2020.

From the distribution of patent technology in integrated circuits in 2020, the number of patents related to design technology is the largest, followed by manufacturing and packaging and testing technologies. Foreign rights holders account for 18%, 20%, and 8% of the patents in the design, manufacturing, and packaging and testing technology branches, respectively. This shows that foreign rights holders attach great importance to the Chinese integrated circuit market.  

Source: chinaipmagazine.com

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