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NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members React to IP Protection Issues

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is protecting innovation. At present, China has stepped into the stage of high-quality development. IP protection is a key part in speeding up the construction of a modern economic system, which is reiterated in this year's government work report. During the two sessions, deputies of the National People's Congress (NPC) and members of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) shared their wisdom on this popular issue.

"China has paid much attention to IP protection, attested by IP being mentioned in many important documents," said Gong Fuwen, a CPPCC member and vice president of Shaanxi Provincial High People's Court. In his eyes, IP has become a strategic resource in a country's development and a core factor in improvement of the international competitiveness with the trend of globalization. A single spark of innovation, to a large extent, can be ignited through strict IP protection.

In the eyes of Zhang Tianren, an NPC deputy and chairman of Tianneng Group, to educate SMEs on using IP to protect themselves is the first thing to do for IP protection.

He suggested that China upgrade SMEs' skills in IP protection with training and institution building. "At present, more than 40 IP protection centers have been established on the nationwide. We should continue to focus more on emerging industries of strategic importance and increase the coverage and influence of the IP protection center, giving full play to its role in providing one-stop solutions of quick examination, quick right determination and quick enforcement and substantially improving the overall efficiency of IP protection," Zhang said.

"Enhancing IP protection is one of the most efficient methods to stimulate innovators' motivation," Zeng Yuqun, a CPPCC member and chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, in an interview with China Intellectual Property News said that China has been in line with other advanced countries in the technologies of new-energy vehicle and to protect IP protection in the area is to protect our nation's core competitiveness.

Zeng has been keeping a close eye on the issues such as restricted access to discovery and long time spent on safeguarding IP rights. This year, he suggested to deepen the rules of the evidence preservation system, establish IP special trial procedures and accelerate introduction of trade secrets protection policies to resolve the current rights protection difficulties, thus beefing up IP protection in all industries.

The urgent needs to IP protection in every field have been reflected by these remarks of NPC deputies and CPPCC members. There is no best, but only better IP protection. All efforts will be gathered to promote stronger IP protection and inspire stronger innovative development motivation.  

Source: China IP News

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