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China granted 453,000 Invention Patents in 2019

It was learned from the National Meeting of IP Heads held on January 6 that, in 2019, China granted 453,000 invention patents in 2019, 1.582 million utility model patents and 557,000 design patents in 2019. Every 10,000 persons hoeld 13.3 invention patents domestically, thus completing the relevant targets and tasks identified in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan in advance. The trademarks registered reached 6.406 million this year and the valid trademark registrations totaled 25.219 million. Every 4.9 market players own one registered trademark; 2385 product items were approved under geographic indication (GI) protection and the GI trademarks registered totaled 5324; the pledge financing on patents and trademarks exceeded 150 billion yuan. 


From January to November in 2019, China’s IP royalties for import and export totaled 3.7.19 billion dollars, of which 6.01 billion dollars was for export, up 19.2% year on year. The IP quality and effectiveness continued to improve rapidly. 


Source: People’s Daily

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