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The unified e-platform of application for GI product protection launched, combining one webpage, six functions and two types of application

At the communication and promotion event themed on “to improve the economic competitiveness, IPR protection in action” held on December 3, the e-platform of handling applications for protection of geographical indication (GI) products was officially launched. 


Such e-platform is officially rolled out on CNIPA website, which marks the formal establishment of national unified e-platform for the GI product protection. The applicants of GI protection can log on the website to submit their applications online for GI product protection and GI registration as collective trademarks and certification trademarks. The website is http://www.cnipa.gov.cn/ztzl/dlbzzl/. 


As is learned, the applicants of GI protection can go through the e-platform of handling applications for six functions, including ID registration, submittal of application files, initial review and approval by the provincial IP administrators, online technical review and feedback by the experts invited by the NIPA as well as the online release of publicities by NIPA, which can provide the full-process service for GI applicants, including review of policies and regulations, notification and online applications. 


Source: CNIPA

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