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The Five-in-One National Platform of Consumer Dispute Resolution Rolled Out

At the 2019 Forum on Administration for Market Regulation held by Tianjin on August 31,the national 12315 platform was officially rolled out, which marked the new achievements of “Internet plus governance” and the progress made in protection of consumers’rights and interests in the field of market regulation.


According to the officials of SAMR, the national platform integrates five complaint hotlines and platforms, i.e. 12315 for industry & commerce, 12365 for quality inspection, 12331 for food & drugs, 12330 for intellectual property and 12358 for price supervision, to provide unified and round-the-clock services for the complaint and tip-off.


It is an indispensable part of deepening the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement for market regulation and establishing the relevant mechanism for market regulation to establish a unified, effective and authoritative administrative law enforcement system of 12315 and to promote the integration of five complaint hotlines and IT-enabled platforms.The new platform will be characterized by six unification: one unified hotline number for public use; one unified platform as a channel of complaint; one unified work institution for five-level interconnection; the unified institutional norm for optimized work procedure; the unified analysis and judgment for safe data sharing; the unified performance assessment for scientific evaluation. After the new platform is launched,


The 24-hour service of complaints will be provided via the Internet, mobile APPs, Wechat and Alipay for the general public to protect their rights and interests through this fast and convenient platform; by innovating the methods of in-process and afterwards supervision, and applying big data and “Internet+”, the platform will provide enforcers of market regulation with targeted information of case source and dynamic surveillance early-warning information, so as to gradually realize precise, coordinated and dynamic supervision; by establishing the work mechanism of online mediation with enterprises and publicizinged consumers’ complaints,a social governance system of establishment of Internet-based social governance system integrating the administrative law enforcement supervision, self-discipline of merchants and social supervision is promoted.


Source: SAMR, Xinhua

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