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IP5 Offices Launched a PCT Collaborative Search and Examination (CS&E) Pilot

The PCT collaborative search and examination (CS&E) pilot project among IP5 Office (CNIPA, USPTO, EPO, JPO and KIPO) has been launched as of July 1, 2018 and will last for two years.


Applicants could request to take part in this Pilot when filing a PCT international application in English with the CNIPA. Where such request is approved, the CNIPA will conduct search and examination for the PCT application during the international stage through cooperating with the other four IP Offices and complete the PCT international search report by referring to the other four IP Offices’ opinions. 


Half or one year after the launch of this Pilot, the CNIPA will start to accept PCT applications in Chinese under the same Pilot. The guideline for CS&E for Chinese applications will be published then.


Meanwhile, please be informed that during the two-year pilot period, one applicant can request to participate in this Pilot for no more than 10 cases; one PCT application could be requested to take part in this Pilot only once; and for a PCT application under this Pilot, it is not allowed to add new priority or make amendment to any priority claimed by the PCT application.


Source: CNIPA (in Chinese)

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