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GuiHua Deng
Patent Engineer

Guihua Deng concentrates on patent filing and prosecution in indoor communication, mobile network, antenna design, sensor application, terminal interaction, signal capture, signal processing, carrier signal processing, communication circuit design, quantum computer, quantum logic gate construction, quantum network design, integrated circuit design, components Design, smart home, security monitoring, Internet of Things networking, Internet of Things data processing, Internet of Things information applications, signal noise reduction, data fusion, data acquisition, data analysis, home appliance control, home appliance equipment networking, industrial control, data processing and Application, collaborative system, application design, multimedia information processing communication engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering, digital electronic technology, analog electronic technology, electronic technology, information engineering, computer technology, electronic equipment, household appliances and so on.

Guihua obtained his Master of Engineering in automation engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in communication engineering.

- China Intellectual Property Society

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