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CTMO to Setup New Database to Enhance Communication with Right Holders When Discovering Infringement

According to the Chinese Trade Mark Association, the Association is asked by the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) to collect contact information of the trademarks registrants and holders.

The information will be used to help the CTMO create a new database to improve trademark supervision, enforcement and launch quick actions against infringement. The contact information will help the authorities to timely get in touch with trademark holders during the activities.

We learnt from the Association that the new database is setup particularly for valid Chinese trademarks which are famous, important and often suffered from infringement. Since no specific standard has been released, right holders can make the evaluation based on their own judgments and decide whether or not to participate. Foreign registrants who have no office in China can submit the contact information of their representative/agency instead.

The collection will be performed on an annual basis. There will be no charge involved. Trademark registrants and holders are suggested preparing ahead for the next updates.

Right holders who would like to submit information, please complete the prescribed form and send it to us. Should you have any question please contact our Trademark Department.

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