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AFD funded 9 students who are from remote area and have financial difficulties by affording their school fees of 2018.

We hope our actions can help those students get rid of poverty and make them self-supported persons who would contribute to the development of their home town using the knowledges they have learnt and will learn in the future.

This is an action resulted from the Agreement between the Capital Intellectual Property Service Association and the Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Xingwen County, in response to the call of the State Council. According to the Agreement, the Capital Intellectual Property Service Association will fund a few students with financial difficulties in Xingwen County to help them complete their studies. 

“Knowledges change destiny.” knowledge opens the window for people to know the world, and even change the world. It is important for children, especially those from remote area. We will, using the full extent of our capability, fund as much poor students as we can in the future. Hope they could live better lives using the knowledges they learn, and make contribution to their home town and the society.

Children are the future of a country. Hopefully, more and more entities and individuals could join us to improve the lives of others. 

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