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In March, 2018, AFD China launched a new round of fundraising under the Phoenix Welfare Project which has been founded for 2 years. All funds raised will be used to pay for the 2018 rehabilitation treatment of cerebral palsy children we have been supporting.  We received the kind donation from 53 colleagues. The money was handed over to Changjiang River Charity Foundation on each individual’s behalf.

Two years seems short in the life span but not an easy time for the cerebral palsy children who shall do tedious rehabilitation trainings day after day. They never complain but work hard to change the situation little by little. After a year of rehabilitation, children sponsored by AFD China can almost walk like normal children. Director of the rehabilitation center said that they could live a normal life after another year’s training. What exciting news. It makes us feel deeply that all we did are worthwhile. It truly helped to save a child and his/her family and bring hope to their future.

Love is sharing, love is spereading, love is the silent warmth flowing. Charity is a form of love, supports between strange lives. Our efforts bring a ray of hope of the others. We will move ahead with fulfilling hearts. We welcome warm-hearted people to joint us and pass on love together.

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