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In the beginning of 2018, the “Love Gallery” of AFD China held a pre-Chinese New Year charity sale. During the charity sale, 7 pieces of well-selected drawings donated by warm-hearted people are being sold through the WeChat account of AFD China. This charity sale lasted for one month, and all earnings have been handed over to AFD China’s social welfare fund and will be used in future charity activities.
In March, 2018, we purchased more than 10 new drawings donated by warm-hearted people, all donation have been used for the treatment and recovery of sick and disabled children of Ping Ding Shan or as their living expense.
Not as money, love is invaluable. We will go on taking charity activities in the future, so as to help to improve the living environment of people in need. Even though our activity may help only one people, we will never give up. Here, we also would like to thank each one who takes part in the charity activities for the concern and support. It is your love which promotes the development of philanthropy.
Hopefully more and more people will join us and care about the disabled children. Any one who would like to purchase a drawings, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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