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In February 2017, AFD China continued to fund the recovery expenditure of sick children who enrolled in the Phoenix Public Welfare Program because of cerebral palsy.


In February 2017, AFD China initiated a new round of fundraising events for the public welfare program. The raised money has been handed to Phoenix Public Welfare Program and will be used to financially support the 2017 recovery expenditure of sick children with cerebral palsy. 

The project began in January 2016, when members of AFD China raised money to participate in the Phoenix Public Welfare Program to fund a child with cerebral palsy with rehabilitation costs. Over the year, the child recovered well and can now walk upright for 1-2 hours. Seeing from the   photos and materials that the Children's Rehabilitation Center sent, we learnt that the child’s condition has been improved in terms of behavioral ability, attention, learning ability. In addition to the good treatment the child had received, the post-op training is also important, where both the kid and the therapist the rehabilitation center have done a good job day after day. 

There is still a long way to go from the full recovery. Hope the child get well step by step with all our blessing and love, and the good spirit will be passed on and on. 

Taking the opportunity, we also send our heartfelt thanks to workers of the public welfare program for their dedication. It is you that help guard the innocent smile of the child.

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