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Chinese Brands Shine on Global Stage

Chinese sellers are paying more attention to building brands and expanding their presence in overseas markets fueled by the rapid growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry, according to a report released on Tuesday from Amazon Global Selling, which helps Chinese merchants sell their products abroad.

Data from Amazon showed in the past four years the number of Chinese brands which have completed registration on Amazon has grown 40 times, and Chinese sellers are attaching great importance to global expansion, with 14 percent of Chinese brands having trademarks in more than five countries and regions.

Chinese sellers' awareness of brand-building and intellectual property protection has significantly improved, with 75 percent of Chinese sellers expressing confidence in building and developing brands on Amazon.

Cindy Tai, Amazon vice-president and head of Global Selling Asia, said China has a strong manufacturing base and competitive edge in supply chains, coupled with favorable policy support and the innovative spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs. "We are pleased to see more and more Chinese sellers are focusing on the long-term development of brands rather than short-term profits."

Tai added the company will continue to increase investments in brand-building and launch innovative tools and services to help Chinese brands expand their footprint on the global stage.  

Source: China Daily

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