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AFD China offers a comprehensive range of intellectual property services in China to individuals and to corporate clients, including start-ups and small businesses, privately-held entities and government agencies of all sizes, whether in China or abroad. We are committed to helping our clients establish, maintain and protect their intellectual property rights by providing the expertise to reach practical and cost-effective solutions.

AFD China is one of the few Chinese IP firms that provides a broad spectrum of consulting services in IP strategy, transactions, asset management, IP litigation and other IP-related concerns for strengthening and protecting our clients' intellectual property rights in China.

Intellectual property law has become more complicated in recent years due to introduction of the Internet, globalization, and more complex technology. When addressing these and other complex IP issues and opportunities, our attorneys work as a team, we combine specialized skills and share knowledge to more effectively and efficiently help our clients. In this manner, we have succeeded in establishing trusting and value-added relationships with our clients. With our mission-provide high quality legal services with efficiency-our professionals competently apply their legal and industry expertise to help our clients find the best solutions to solve the most difficult intellectual property questions.